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Vasanth CGA

Founder (&) Animator at Meeeple

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Vasanth, a 3D artist with 16 years in the field, has a background primarily as a character animator. His contributions can be seen in projects like Disney's "The Pirate Fairy" and Disney Junior's "Wild West Care Bear". He also worked at Artzee Animation, taking roles as both a Technical Director and animator. One of his notable works there was the co-direction of the "Stickypinch" mini project.

Over time, Vasanth developed a keen interest in board games, which led him to combine his animation skills with this passion. This synergy gave birth to Meeeple, focusing solely on board game-related animations.


Top Clients

Our Collaborative Journey...

Journey of Shared Success: Celebrating Collaborative Company Alliances.


Mission and Vision

Meeeple: Crafting Stories in Motion

Founded in January 2022 by a seasoned professional with over 16 years of experience in the field, Meeeple is an innovative animation studio dedicated to bringing board games to life. At Meeeple, we specialize in creating visually stunning board game trailers, cinematic teasers, and dynamic logo animations. Our services are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of board game designers, helping them to captivate and engage their audience through the power of animation.

What Sets Us Apart

Meeeple stands out in the animation industry with its exceptional ability to create AAA game trailer quality videos in 3D. Our expertise particularly shines in logo animation, where we infuse each project with creativity and a distinct flair that elevates brand identities. This specialization enables us to deliver high-end, immersive experiences that are not just visually appealing but also narratively compelling.

Our Vision

Our vision is twofold. First, we aim to set new benchmarks in the industry by producing high-end 3D board game trailers that push the boundaries of what's possible in animation. Secondly, we aspire to venture into the realm of board game design. Leveraging our extensive experience in animation and a deep understanding of what makes board games engaging, we plan to create board games that are not only fun to play but also a feast for the eyes.

For the Love of Board Games

At Meeeple, we believe that every board game has a story waiting to be told. Our passion for storytelling and animation drives us to create trailers and teasers that do more than just showcase a game – they bring its world to life. Whether it's a heart-pounding cinematic teaser or a sleek, animated logo, we strive to capture the essence of each game and convey its spirit to the audience.

Join Us on Our Journey

Meeeple invites board game designers to collaborate with us, to transform their visions into animated masterpieces that resonate with players worldwide. Together, let's create animations that are not just seen but remembered.

Our Brand Story

Meeeple Media Works: The Extra 'E' for Excellence

Welcome to Meeeple Media Works, where our name is a testament to our ethos. In the universe of board games, the 'meeple' is an icon of play and strategy – it represents the players themselves. At Meeeple, we've embraced this symbol and infused it with an additional 'e,' embodying our commitment to providing extra effort, enthusiasm, and excellence in our video production services for the gaming world.

Coloring Your Experience

Our brand is painted in a palette of trust, with a vibrant blue reflecting the depth, stability, and trust we instill in our partnerships. But the narrative of our logo doesn't stop there. The third 'e,' highlighted in a thoughtful shade of gray, is more than a stylistic flourish. It's a deliberate nod to the attentive observer, a way to denote that Meeeple is not a typo, but a brand with something extra. This gray 'e' is our signature, the subtle differentiator that marks our attention to detail and our dedication to standing out.

This choice is both practical and symbolic. Practically, it guides the eye, ensuring that the uniqueness of our name doesn't go unnoticed. Symbolically, it represents the gray area where creativity and logic intersect – the space where we excel in crafting compelling narratives and visual experiences for each board game we champion.

Why the Extra 'E'?

Meeeple Media Works was born out of a desire to make a mark, to signify that we are a step beyond the familiar. The extra 'e' in our name is our pledge to go beyond the expected, to innovate, engage, and impact. It's a reminder that, in the world of Meeeple, we are always striving for that additional edge, that creative leap that turns a board game into an adventure, a campaign into a community, and a simple play into an enduring memory.

Join the Meeeple journey, where every pixel tells a story, and every story is an unforgettable adventure.

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