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Whispers of Praise: Where Clients Share Their Meeeple Moments..


Matthew Kambic

Vasanth went above and beyond my expectations! He worked hard to understand my project and my budget. The final video had a good helping charm put into it. Being now more than a client I would call him a friend. Thanks for helping me Krill it in my whale of a game!


Rob Mcbride

Great job, with a tremendous willingness to help. A+ recommended.


Mathue Ryann

“The logo animation that Vasanth made looks great. I'm super happy with it and would likely work with Vasanth in the future! ”


Adi Ben-nesher

ABN Games

I want to highly recommend Vasanth and his team for the amazing and very professional work they did producing amazing promotional video segment for my up and coming board game. Vasanth was very quick, orginzed and professional.


Jon Minnor

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Dario Reinhardt

Great, collaboration with an even better outcome. Very customer focused, direct communication and fast high-quality implementation.


Gabe Barrett

Vasanth did an excellent job putting together an animation for my publishing company. He was attentive to feedback and created exactly what I was looking for.

Chris Backe March 2011 square - Chris Backe.jpeg

Chris Backe

Great stuff! A fun, fresh animation I'll be using on my videos from now on. Thanks a bunch!


Garret Griffin

I had the opportunity to work with Vasanth and his work was amazing! Before he started working on my animation, he sent me a clear google form asking questions about my brand and logo. From there, he took care of everything else! The animation he made is incredible. His communication was quick and concise. I will definitely be recommending his work to others out there who need animation work done!


Catherine George

Vasanth makes best use of the assets provided and has a quick turnaround time. He is prompt in communications, receptive to feedback, and incorporates that feedback well into future revisions.


Ammon anderson

“The animated logo is wonderful. I posted it on numerous board game design sites and received fantastic, positive feedback. Now I know he is creating more animated work for other game designers. Thank you for wonderful work!”


Furkan Erkan

I really loved the logo animation.Its so fluent and cool looking.Im very happy with it.Vasanth is really talented artist.He did it very well. 10/10 would recommend.

IMG-20230914-WA0020 - MarIsa García Arteaga Molinar.jpg

MarIsa Molinar

We Make Games

I liked the animation and color. Nice sense of timing and squash and stretch.

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