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- Board game trailer​ - 
  • Key Features:

    • Custom Duration: Trailers are 60-90 seconds long, focusing on the core aspects of your game.

    • Optional Cinematic Intro: 3-5 seconds of creative introduction (optional).

    • Game Objective Highlighting: The trailer explains and showcases the game's objective.

    • Detailed Component Display: All game elements, including cards, boards, and miniatures (with 3D models), are featured.

    • Gameplay Sneak Peek: Provides insight into the gameplay experience.

    • Voiceover Options: Featuring original voice narration.

    • Sound Effects & Music: Complementary audio to enhance the visual experience.

  • Requirements: To begin, you'll need to provide illustrations/artwork of your game components and box, and 3D models of miniatures if any.

  • Animation Style: Exclusively crafted using 3D animation for a distinctive and eye-catching presentation.

Sample Video

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